#0 Thomas Robinson | F

Hometown: Washington, DC

Height: 6'9"

Weight: 230

Position: Power Forward

Team: Kansas

Class: Junior

Right-handed... Robinson stands at 6'9" (and longer arms) with a chiseled physique that helps him dominate in the paints on both ends of the floor. He can use either hand to score the basketball around the rim, and actually, he is very comfortable using his weak hand in almost any post-up setting. Due to his tremendous combination of athleticism and mobility, Robinson sprints down the floor to get the advantage in post positioning and will rotate to the strong side of the floor when the ball is swung. He is physical at holding his ground and fights off double-teams by trying to split the defense or has become more comfortable at taking a dribble off the blocks to pass the ball back out to the perimeter. He has a quick spin move to the baseline or into the middle and does a great job with his drop-step into the middle of the paint and powering the ball up to the rim. When he gets the ball in the blocks, he holds the ball strong and keeps it high and finishes with the ball high, making it difficult to block his shock or dig in as a defender... As an on-ball defender in the post or on the perimeter, Robinson is aggressive, maintaining his stance and positioning. In the blocks, he can play behind his man, ready to spring off the floor and contest the shot or three-quarter his opponent, using his length and strength to shield the entry pass... The best part about Robinson's game, and there is a lot to like here, is his rebounding. He has this desire to dominate where he will search out and get the ball with his long arms and big hands. Combined with his quickness and bursts, he has the ability to rebound well out of his boxed out area...

Robinson has been a per-minute warrior in the past as a reserve and this season is no different now that he has moved into the starting lineup. Robinson seems to preserve energy on some plays by jogging up the floor or is slow to get out in transition. Now, Robinson and "lazy" don't go together, especially with the intensity and hustle he plays with. But he is no longer plays 14 minutes a game in short spurts. He has to log 30-35 minutes a game with little options on the bench to spell him. Perhaps his mentality has changed where he shies away from plays to avoid any sort of foul trouble and conserve energy... Robinson still needs some refinement in his post-game. He could use some development to his current repertoire of scoring moves and needs to become more comfortable negating and taking advantage of the defense when he is double-teammed... Defensively, Robinson is a strong defender and has the ability to improve even more if he can improve his help-side defense. He needs to feel when he should go for the block and when he should step in and help his teammates recover and cut off penetration.
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