#24 Tiny Gallon | F

Hometown: Houston, TX

Height: 6'9"

Weight: 300

Position: Power Forward

Team: Oklahoma

Class: Freshman

Right-handed… At first glance, you see a massive 6'9", 300-pound big man, but once he starts to play, he surprises you with how quick and agile he is. He is extremely strong and physical during the course of a game, but also displays great skill and footwork. What we're saying here is that he isn't the lumbering 4-man he looks like. His strength was on display New Year's Eve freshman year when he shattered the backboard on an attempted dunk against Gonzaga…He has a good 1st step and the ability to drive by an unexpecting defender from the perimeter. In the post, he loves his spin move, leaving the opponent sealed off behind him. He has developed a soft baby hook shot to match his physically dominating drop step. He has great hands and can catch almost any pass in the post while still maintaining his position down low… He is a very good rebounder, especially on the offensive glass. He has the tendency to keep possessions alive by tipping the ball to himself… He is an above-average passer. He keeps his head up in the low post, looking for cutters and shooters spotting up… He has shown he is capable of handling the basketball on the perimeter and often uses his dribble to escape double-teams and restart the offense... He has 3-point range at the collegiate level and is best suited in mid-range catch-and-shoot situations. He is one of the better players in the Big 12 on the pick-and-roll and the pick-and-pop. His wide body and excellent footwork help him excel setting the screen and rolling into the low post or the 17' range for a jumper…

Gallon has lost about 15-20 pounds since arriving on campus and could afford to lose a little more weight without affecting his strength. His quickness and explosiveness should improve even further with this work. He can become better conditioned and therefore should be able to stay on the court for longer stretches before coming out to catch his breath… Defensively, Gallon needs to move his feet to stay in front of his opponents. He can get lazy/tired and reach-in or hack an offensive player if he gets out of position. He has been plagued by foul trouble for most of his freshman year… One of the knacks on Gallon is his tendency to float around to the high-post and the perimeter instead of around the blocks. He has hit a few three-pointers this season, but still, he is much more of a threat in the low post… He has a tendency to leap on opponents' shot fakes. Another year of collegiate basketball or so and Gallon should develop a better sense of defensive awareness and discipline. Right now, he is late on closing out and defensive reads. He is a poor help side defender…
The Scouting Report: