Tony Wroten Jr. | G

Hometown: Renton, WA

Height: 6'5"

Weight: 205

Position: Point Guard

Team: Washington

Class: Freshman


Right Handed....Even though he is one of the best passers in the country, including several "how did he do that" threads, Wroten has had to score the basketball more so than we predicted. His size and ability to play either guard spot has made him valuable to the Huskies, especially as he comes off the bench… He excels when he looks for his own shot, having the defense get out quickly on him and react which opens up the passing lanes to find his teammates. Wroten Jr. seems to have eyes in the back of his head, that's how well he can read and react to plays, seemingly always being aware where his teammates are… Despite being a "big" lead guard, he moves quite well, especially as he slashes through the lane. He can be a powerful finisher at the rim, especially with his 6'7"-6'8" wingspan… Wroten is an advanced ball-handler, crossing the ball below his knees (mostly from right-to-left). He can back defenders down with his size, but still find the cutter or turn and spin right by you. Moving up the court, Wroten excels with a hesitation and change-of-pace move.

Wroten has an excellent feel for the game and reads the defense well like a quarterback picking apart the pass defense, but he does have a tendency to rush plays and force the passes before the play is in the clear. He too often attempts to make the spectacular play rather than the simple one, but when he slows down and lets the game come to him, he is clearly one of the top point guard prospects… Wroten is completely left-hand dominant, nearly always preferring to slash left, cross from right-to-left, spin back that way, etc… He needs to become a better free-throw shooter, and more consistent from the outside. This is one area of his game that if he can develop enough to become a threat, he would have tremendous value.
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