Hometown: Whitmire, SC

Height: 6'7"

Weight: 240

Position: Power Forward

Team: Clemson

Class: Senior
#35 Trevor Booker | F

Left-handed… The 6'7" Booker has made a living off his ability to just be tougher and more physical than opponents. He is a top-tier athlete, with very good quickness, making him a mismatch; he has the ability to post defenders up and score from the low blocks, but also the ability to knock down perimeter shots. He is improving his ability to take his defender off the dribble and throw down a monstrous, punishing dunk or even pull-up for a mid-range jumper…He is not overly skilled and won't "wow" you with what he can do, but he is the type of player who can fill-up the box score without dominating. But he will make a few plays each game that demonstrate his wrecking-ball-like talents- he plays with reckless abandon… Booker makes up for his lack of size with a pretty solid wingspan… He is an excellent rebounder… He can affect the game almost anywhere on the court…

6'7" is undersized in terms of a power forward, but to make matters worse, ome scouts feel that Booker is actually closer to 6'6" in size… Booker has yet to develop a go-to move offensively in the post and cannot yet knock down jumpers with consistency. He is still a tad untapped offensively…
The Scouting Report: