Hometown: Washington, IN

Height: 7'0"

Weight: 240

Position: Power Forward/Center

Team: North Carolina

Class: Senior

#44 Tyler Zeller | F - C

Right-handed… Zeller's first injury-free season in Chapel Hill has been his breakout season at North Carolina. His play has him rising up draft boards to a potential late lottery pick, but more likely a mid-to-late pick… Zeller uses his size (6'11") and agility to succeed; he is very mobile for a power forward/center prospect. In the post, he doesn't have the cleanest or most efficient moves, but he gets the ball in the hole with his jump hooks off either block.  With more polish, Zeller would be a more accurate shooter from 5-7 feet and in… He hasn't shown much of it, but Zeller has the ability to step outside to 12-to-15 feet or so and knock down the mid-range jumper. Since he wont be able to back down many centers at the next level, Zeller will need to get more comfortable operating facing the rim…

After two injury-shortened seasons where Zeller competed in just 42 games, there's always the concern that injuries will reassert themselves with the way he plays… Zeller lacks the bulk to be a full-time center at the next level, but could fit in given the right system. His mobility and quickness are his biggest assets, but will struggle to lock down opposing bigs when they back him down… Offensively, he has some work to do in the low blocks. Zeller needs to clean up his rhythm and reads. Right now, he doesn't always read the defense, but will softly toss up a jump hook with either hand. Sometimes, they're forced or sometimes they are just a bit too far away. He needs to collect himself on the blocks, read the defense, and then make his move… Who will he defend? His lateral quickness isn't great, so he will be vulnerable to the quicker 4 and 5s in the NBA and he doesn't possess the strength or toughness to be a strong post defender…

The Scouting Report: