Why Minnesota Shouldn't Trade The #2 Pick

       A few weeks ago, in the NBA lottery where Minnesota lost again, despite already having the league's worst record, when the Cleveland Cavaliers jumped ahead of them to secure the No. 1 overall pick. As a consolation prize, the Timberwolves will pick second overall. And since that May 17th date, there have been numerous rumors circulating that David Kahn & Co. are shopping and receiving offers for not just their #2 overall pick, and  #20 as well.

        The No. 2 prospect on our board, Derrick Williams, is a versatile forward, capable of playing either forward spot, but due to his size (6'8 ¾" at the NBA Combine), he's seen as a "tweener" and more of a power forward with the ability to step outside, rather than a small forward with a low-post game. But how would Williams fit in a frontcourt featuring a rising-star and the NBA's leading-rebounder Kevin Love, a former-No. 2 pick himself, Michael Beasley and 21-yeard old forward, Anthony Randolph, who is still oozing with potential? Would it be in Minnesota's best interests, the NBA's youngest team, to trade the #2 pick and add some veteran talent? They are likely to make a move either way- whether they pick Williams in the No. 2 spot or not because their 2009 franchise guard, Ricky Rubio, has agreed to leave Barcelona and play for the Timberwolves this season. That makes Jonny Flynn, another 2009 first-round pick (one selection after Rubio at No. 6 overall), expendable for veteran assets. Flynn could be packaged with Michael Beasley, who has had a few run-ins with David Kahn due to his excessive marijuana use. That trade would leave a starting spot for Williams, a perfect stretch the floor complement with Love in the frontcourt.

        David Kahn has a chance to make the right move, take the second most-talented player in the draft, in Derrick Williams, and trade Michael Beasley. Move on and change the culture of this losing franchise. Rubio is a major piece to the Timberwolves puzzle moving forward and allows them to focus on adding pieces to complement him and Love as the franchise building blocks. Williams, is that type of player.

By President Corey Ruff - 6-6-11