Will Barton | G

Hometown: Baltimore, MD

Height: 6'6"

Weight: 175

Position: Shooting Guard

Team: Memphis

Class: Sophomore

Right-handed... Barton made one of the best decisions to return for his sophomore season instead of jumping to the pros and now look at him. He is much-improved in nearly every facet of his game. His shooting percentages are up across the board due to him not taking as many wild 3-point jumpers or instead of settling for contested pull-ups off the dribble. Most importantly, Barton is finally using his length and tremendous athleticism to hit the glass to an elite-level for his position... He is one of the best scorers in the game, aggressive on the offensive end of the floor, combining a smooth and accurate mid-range game with improved range on his 3-point shot. He has put in work handling the basketball and that shows as Barton is much more comfortable putting the ball on the floor and taking it to the rim or pulling up off the dribble... Even though his statistics aren't showing it with similar assist totals as a freshman and sophomore, Barton's playmaking is much improved. Going along the same lines of not settling for so many contested jump shots, Barton has improved his decision-making and utilizing his improved ball-handling to set up teammates more in scoring opportunities- now, whether they convert or not is a whole different story...

One of the biggest knocks on Barton is his wiry frame. He is a tremendous rebounder due to his size and athleticism, but will still need to put on strength and weight in general to compete at the next level on the glass and as a complete offensive player... Some scouts question his effort and mentality as he can disappear for short stretches, but Barton is capable of working his way up Draft boards if he can get his head screwed on right... He must continue to fine-tune his offensive game- improve his handle, consistency hitting from the outside and develop a post-game given his size and length.
The Scouting Report: