#1 Xavier Henry | G

Hometown: Oklahoma City, OK

Height: 6'6"

Weight: 220

Position: Shooting Guard

Team: Kansas

Class: Freshman

Left handed....Great size and length… One of the most athletic  guards you have ever laid eyes on… Great first step- very quick… Can finish at the rim, in traffic or in transition, often with powerful dunks… Explosive… Vocal… Very strong ball-handling abilities, especially at full-speed and in transition… Offers excellent agility and mobility… Is difficult to stay in front of with the ball because of his speed and ability to weave around defenders… Excellent moves with the ball to create separation… Good shooting form… High basketball IQ and solid court vision… Plays the passing lanes well one defense… Great lateral quickness… Sky-high potential…


So far Henry has not shown mastery of his offensive game using the dribble- he would much prefer to catch-and-shoot or simply shoot over you. His ball-handling abilities need to be further developed… Utilizing his strength and penetration abilities would make Henry a complete threat and make defenders play off him more, playing the drive instead of just the jumper… Henry has the skill set and the talent to be a lottery pick in the 2010 draft, but from the looks of it, he needs to develop and polish parts of his game and step away from being a shooting specialist…
The Scouting Report:
Notes:  2009 McDonald's All-American.