2010 NBA Mock Draft Round 2
College: Oklahoma             Position: PG/SG
Height : 6'4"                         Weight: 199

College: Maryland         Position: PG/SG
Height : 6'6"                     Weight: 211

College: Washington           Position: SF
Height: 6'6"                           Weight: 215

College: Nevada                   Position: PG
Height: 6'3"                            Weight: 195

College: Memphis               Position: SG
Height: 6'5"                           Weight: 180

College: Mississippi          Position: SG
Height : 6'5"                         Weight: 213

College: New Mexico        Position: PF
Height : 6'7"                        Weight: 205

College: Tulsa                       Position: PG/SG
Height: 6'3"                            Weight: 200

College: Texas                      Position: C
Height : 6'10"                          Weight: 290

College: Michigan               Position: SG
Height : 6'5"                         Weight: 185

College: West Virginia.       Position: SF
Height : 6'7"                           Weight: 230

College: Oklahoma            Position: PF
Height: 6'9"                         Weight: 300

College: Kansas                    Position: PG
Height: 5'11"                          Weight: 205

College: Clemson            Position: PF
Height: 6'7"                      Weight: 240

College: Serbia                     Position: C
Height : 7'1"                           Weight: 250

*#32 -  Miami recieves this pick from Oklahoma City via Minnesota's 2010 second round pick (plus least favorable of their other three picks), as part of Etan Thomas trade.

*#34 -  The Blazers have purchased this pick for $2 Million.

*#37 -  Philadelphia trades Milwaukee their 2010 second round pick, in exchange for Jodie Meeks.

*#39 - Denver has the right to swap their 2010 2nd round pick with the LA Clippers 2nd rounder, at their option, as part of Marcus Camby trade. The pick will become the Knicks pick as part of Renaldo Balkman trade.

*#41 -  New Orleans trades their 2010 and 2012 second round picks to Miami in exchange for the rights to Marcus Thornton.

*#42 -  Miami receives Toronto's 2010 2nd Round Pick (since the 1st round pick didn't transfer in 2010) , a conditional 1st round pick (lottery protected thru 2014), Jermaine O'Neal, and Jamario Moon, trade exception for Shawn Marion, Marcus Banks and cash considerations . If Miami doesn't receive the 1st round pick in 2010, they will receive an additional 2nd round pick.

*#43 - The Lakers receive Memphis's 2010 2nd Round Pick and Pau Gasol for Kwame Brown, Javaris Crittenton, Aaron McKie, rights to Marc Gasol, 2008 1st Round Pick (#28 - Donte Greene), 2010 1st Round Pick, and Cash.

*#44 - Portland receives Chicago's 2010 2nd Round Pick, 2009 2nd Round Pick (from Chi. - #38 Jon Brockman) and 2009 2nd Round Pick (from Den. #55 Patrick Mills) in a 3 team trade where they traded the rights to Omer Asik.

*#45 -  The Minnesota Timberwolves receive Houston's 2010 2nd Round Pick, Kirk Snyder and cash for Gerald Green.

*#46 - The Phoenix Suns receive Charlotte's 2010 2nd Round Pick, Jason Richardson and Jared Dudley for Raja Bell and Boris Diaw

*#50 - Dallas receives Oklahoma's 2010 2nd Round Pick, and the rights to Rodrigue Beaubois for the rights to B.J. Mullens

*#51 - The Oklahoma City Thunder receive a 2010 conditional 2nd Round Pick, 2010 2nd Round Pick, and Etan Thomas from Minnesota for Chucky Atkins and Damien Wilkins. Minnesota receives a 2010 2nd Round Pick from Dallas for the rights to Nick Calathes. Dallas receives Portland's 2010 2nd Round Pick (lesser of Portland's and Chicago's pick), 2009 2nd Round Pick (#56 - Ahmad Nivins) and 2009 1st round Pick (#24 - BJ Mullens) for 2009 1st Round Pick (#22 - Victor Claver).

*#54 - Denver has the right to swap their 2010 2nd round pick with the LA Clippers 2nd rounder, at their option, as part of Marcus Camby trade. The pick will become the Knicks pick as part of Renaldo Balkman trade. (Denver receives a future conditional 2nd Round Pick from the LA Clippers as part of the Cheik Samb trade)

*#56 - The Minnesota Timberwolves receive Phoenix's 2010 2nd Round Pick, Alando Tucker, and Cash for Jason Hart.

*#57 - The Indiana Pacers receive Dallas's 2010 2nd Round Pick from the Shawn Williams trade.

*#60 - The Phoenix Suns receive Cleveland's 2010 2nd Round Pick, Ben Wallace, Sasha Pavlovic, and $500,000 for Shaquille O'Neal.
College: Georgia Tech         Position: PF
Height: 6'9"                            Weight: 233

College: Mississippi St.       Position: PF/C
Height : 6'9"                           Weight: 210

College: Virginia                   Position: SG
Height : 6'6"                            Weight: 205

College: France                     Position: PG
Height : 6'2"                            Weight: 180

College: Norte Dame           Position:PF
Height: 6'8"                          Weight: 248

College: Serbia                Position: SF
Height: 6'10"                      Weight: 223

College: Tulsa                     Position: C
Height: 7'0"                          Weight: 245

College: England                Position: PF
Height: 6'11"                        Weight: 235

College: Alabama                Position:PG/SG
Height: 6'5"                           Weight: 210

College: Duke                Position: PG
Height: 6'5"                      Weight: 185

College: Russia               Position: C
Height : 7'2"                      Weight: 200

College: Syracuse            Position: SG
Height : 6'6"                      Weight: 192

College: Connecticut           Position: SF/PF
Height: 6'8"                            Weight: 213

College: Marquette         Position: SF
Height : 6'6"                      Weight: 225

College: Duke                  Position:C
Height: 7'1"                       Weight: 280

2010 NBA Mock Draft Round 1